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Men’s Fit-Model category was officially recognized as a new sport discipline by the
IFBB Executive Council and IFBB Congress on November 6th, 2015, in Benidorm,
1.1 General:
Whenever possible, all the IFBB World Championships, including men, women, juniors,
seniors and masters as well as the IFBB Annual Congress should be organized
together as one big international event.
The IFBB Rules for Men’s Fit-Model consist of regulations, policies, directives and
decisions intended to guide the IFBB and its Members in the administration of the
sport of Men’s Fit-Model.
1.2 Rules:
Certain administrative and technical rules that appear in Section 1: General Rules
are the same for Men’s Fit-Model and therefore, are not repeated in this section.

Registration fee 250$

Article 3 – Categories
3.1 Categories:
Men’s Fit-Model competition at the World Championships is open in the following
1. There are three categories in Men’s Fit-Model world-level competitions, currently as
a. Class A: Up to and incl. 176 cm
b. Class B: Up to and incl. 183 cm
c. Class C: Over 183 cm
2. A category can only be run if there are not less than 3 athletes. If less than 3 athletes,
the category will be combined with the next taller class, wherever possible.

Article 4 – Rounds
4.1 Men’s Fit-Model will consist of the following four rounds:

1. Prejudging – Elimination Round (Quarter Turns, gymnastic shorts)
2. Prejudging – Round 1 (Quarter Turns, Comparisons, gymnastic shorts)
3. Prejudging – Round 2 (Quarter Turns, Comparisons, casual sport wear)
4. Finals – Round 3 (Quarter Turns, gymnastic shorts)
5. Finals – Round 4 (Individual Presentation, casual sport wear)