24 - 25






  • Up to and Including 170
  • Over 170


  • 21 Yrs Old & Under


    • 40 Yrs Old & Above

This is a one (1) round division.

Male contestants are to wear only jeans. Shoes and t-shirt are unacceptable, and will be marked down. They will have to present themselves or emphasize personality, fashion statement, and muscle definition on a runway style.

Each competitor will come out individually and will do a walk with attitude to the front center of the stage and pause, then walk to the corner of stage-left, pause and turn 180 degrees. Then proceed walking across to the corner of stage-right and turn 180 degrees. Then proceed to the center stage, make 180 degree turn then exit the stage. Then after all the contestants each come out individually, then all the contestants will line-up together side by side in a relaxed pose. 

Best Pose – a pose that best displays your physique.

  • Beauty – overall appearance, photogenic, skin tone and sex appeal.

  • Poise and General Impression – Overall grooming, personality, self-assurance, composure and carriage.

  • Muscle Tone & Definition – Overall Muscle tone with a low degree of muscle separation. The judges are not looking for muscle mass or “ripped to the bone,” extreme striations or the vascularity of a bodybuilder or a figure competitor. They are looking for shapely and toned figure that is highly photogenic and marketable.

  • Projection of personality and style.