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About Us

UMFF provide opportunities for models & athletes in the fitness industry. Whether they are born with it, or they have worked hard for it, we believe that it’s time to get real rewards for their talent.

Our shows are specially designed for individuals who are passionate about their athletic performance and creating their own image in the sport industry – we battle it out to get the highest exposure for our athletes by involving the biggest number of media coverage for them, generating the maximum benefits in return for their efforts, dedication and hard work.


UMFF mission for the upcoming shows is mainly focused on supporting athletes and facilitating their communication with sport brands assisting competitors to earn sponsorship through maintaining synergy and driving traffic to our shows, the common approach is creating a playground for athletes where they can showcase their performance and offerings to sport brands, companies and media.


Our team are dedicated to creating the best platform for you to showcase your talent and hard work, so that you may secure the best sponsorship opportunities & modelling contracts from across the Middle East region.

We’re passionate about not only showcasing beauty & talent but also to provide learning and essential fitness courses for anyone interested in improving and maximizing their health, fitness, beauty & well-being.

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